The Secret To Growing Older


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Seriously, if you want to know it, I'll share it with you. Stipulations regarding purchase of this information:

- Secret will only be told in person at a place I am or plan on visiting.
- You must swim out to me in a body of water--getting fully submerged (privacy / no microphone / no wire).
- What I tell you is my intellectual property, which is not to be shared, sold or publicized. Though you're probably not going to want to tell anyone.
- You will sign a document that states I'm not liable for legal action or penalty under law for what happens in result to the purchase of this information, the way or circumstances in which the information is received or the effects of it there after til death.
- There will be an interview process immediately following purchase.

Aspects there-of will not be discussed, hinted or described. You either want it or you don't.