New Mexico Logo Sticker


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"What does it mean?" is a question often asked with this design. For me, it has a private meaning. For you, it can mean anything. Bottom line is this design is bold and tough with a hint of an old-time, American pass time type feel.

Sticker is roughly 4 inches in its longest dimension.

High quality vinyl sticker. Water-proof when stuck to desired place. Great for cars. Inks will fade over time.

SHIPPING: $2. With other items, $1.00 extra.

ALBUQUERQUE RESIDENTS: Avoid shipping costs by using discount code "pickupstickup." Pick-up from Aces Tattoo at 2737 San Mateo Blvd NE from 11 to 6 M - Sat.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Is available. Message me with your address and I'll set up the shipping for your country.